PNX has now received all assays from a 30 hole infill and extensional drill program at the Iron Blow VMS deposit.  Highlights from final 9 holes assayed:

  • 7.5m @ 19.1% Zn Eq (12.77% zinc, 1.89g/t gold, 326g/t silver, 2.82% lead, 0.35% copper) from 210.7m in IBDH060 eastern lode
  • 29.5m @ 4.3% Zn Eq (1.82% zinc, 2.41g/t gold, 24.8g/t silver, 0.13% lead, 0.28% copper) from 247.9m in IBDH060 western lode
  • 15.7m @ 5.5% Zn Eq (5.04% zinc, 0.82g/t gold, 19.2g/t silver, 0.13% lead, 0.24% copper) from 118.2m in IBRC029D eastern lode

Results from this drill program confirm the geological model and provide additional evidence that the deposit remains open at depth.