Mineral Resources

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Table 1: Iron Blow Mineral Resources by JORC Classification as at 3 May 2017

JORC ClassificationLodeAuEq Cut-off (g/t)Tonnage (kt)Zn (%)Pb (%)Cu (%)Ag (g/t)Au (g/t)ZnEq (%)AuEq (g/t)
IndicatedEast Lode1.08007.641.830.302752.9020.6415.53
West Lode1.01,2804.140.330.31601.738.846.66
Total Indicated2,0805.490.910.301432.1913.3910.08
InferredEast Lode1.0200.480.340.161326.0113.659.43
West Lode1.0200.760.960.131091.025.904.44
FW Gold1.02100.250.070.03162.033.482.62
HW Gold1.0400.060.090.0161.682.571.94
Interlode Gold1.0400.210.030.0781.662.792.10
Interlode Base Metal1.01203.520.320.14350.695.874.42
Total Inferred4501.110.180.07271.714.383.30
Total Indicated + Inferred Mineral Resource2,5304.710.780.261222.1011.798.87
Total Contained Metal (t)119,20019,7006,6509.9Moz170.9koz298,000t721.5koz

Table 2: Mt Bonnie Mineral Resources by JORC Classification as at 8 February 2017

JORC ClassificationDomainCut-off gradeTonnage (kt)Zn (%)Pb (%)Cu (%)Ag (g/t)Au (g/t)ZnEq (%)AuEq (g/t)
IndicatedOxide/Transitional0.5g/t Au1950.942.430.181713.8011.509.44
IndicatedFresh1% Zn1,1804.460.940.231211.029.607.88
Total Indicated1,3753.961.150.231281.419.878.11
InferredOxide/Transitional0.5g/t Au320.431.330.29742.286.375.23
InferredFresh1% Zn1182.910.900.151350.547.616.25
InferredAg Zone50g/t Ag210.170.030.04870.042.361.94
Total Inferred1712.110.870.161180.806.735.53
Total Indicated + Inferred Mineral Resource1,5453.761.120.221271.349.537.82
Total Contained Metal (t)58,00017,3003,4006.3Moz66.8koz147,000t388.5koz

Table 3: Total Hayes Creek Mineral Resources (Iron Blow + Mt Bonnie) by JORC Classification at 3 May 2017

Table 4: Commodity price and metal recovery assumptions

MetalsUnitPriceRecovery Mt BonnieRecovery Iron Blow
ZnUSD / t2,45080%80%
PbUSD / t2,10060%60%
CuUSD / t6,20060%60%
AgUSD / troy ounce20.5070%80%
AuUSD / troy ounce1,35055%60%


Refer ASX Announcement 3 May 2017 Hayes Creek Mineral Resources Exceed 1.1Moz Gold Equivalent for details of Iron Blow Resource Estimate, including detail on metal equivalence calculations.

Refer ASX Announcement 9 Feb 2017 Upgrade to Mt Bonnie Zinc-Gold-Silver Resource, Hayes Creek for details of Mt Bonnie Resource Estimate.