Excellent assay results from a further 9 holes at the Iron Blow infill and extensional drill program:

  • 15.6m @ 16.8% Zn Eq[1] (12.25% zinc, 2.28g/t gold, 214g/t silver, 2.02% lead, 0.39% copper) from 64.2m in IBRC030D
  • 12.0m @ 13.6% Zn Eq (8.94% zinc, 2.46g/t gold, 209g/t silver, 1.03% lead, 0.32% copper) from 40.0m in IBRC057 eastern lode, and
  • 19.0m @ 9.7% Zn Eq (8.91% zinc, 1.73g/t gold, 40.7g/t silver, 0.25% lead, 0.25% copper) from 67.0m in IBRC057 western lode

This excellent near-surface mineralisation intersected introduces the potential for an initial open-pit in addition to the previously considered underground mine – this could provide lower risk, earlier cash flows and lower unit costs